Tyler Perry Delays Studio Expansion Due to AI Advancements

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tyler Perry revealed that his plans for an $800 million expansion of his studio in Atlanta are on hold. The delay comes as a result of the rapid developments in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, particularly OpenAI’s text-to-video model, Sora.  Perry expressed his astonishment at the capabilities of Sora, stating that it was “mind-blowing” to witness what the technology can do. He explained that with Sora, he would no longer need to travel to different locations or build sets for his productions. Instead, he could generate realistic scenes using just text and a computer.

While Perry sees the potential in these advancements, he also raises concerns about the impact on labor and the entertainment industry as a whole. He worries about the potential job losses for actors, crew members, and various industry professionals. Perry emphasized the need for regulations to protect the industry and ensure its survival.  Interestingly, Perry revealed that he has already utilized AI technology in two upcoming films, which allowed him to avoid hours of makeup for aging scenes. However, he stressed that the current situation is uncertain and that the industry is scrambling to keep up with the rapid pace of AI development.  Perry believes that the entertainment industry should approach this technology collectively, with all parties involved working together to confront the challenges it presents. He calls for a united industry front to protect the livelihoods of those affected by AI advancements.

While Perry acknowledges the advantages AI brings to the table, he is also concerned about the future of the people he has trained and worked within the industry. He wants to ensure their well-being amidst this technological shift.  Perry predicts that the convergence of AI development and the current industry contraction will be a game-changer.  He believes that companies will opt for lower-cost alternatives, leading to job losses in the near future.

Perry hopes that companies embracing AI will consider the impact on individuals who have built careers in the entertainment industry. He urges for compassion and thoughtfulness, not only within the industry but also in Congress, to address the challenges posed by AI.