Netflix Reveals Viewership Data for 99% of its Catalog

Netflix has announced that it will publish a comprehensive report called “What We Watched: A Netflix Engagement Report” twice a year. This report will provide insights into viewership on Netflix over a six-month period, including the number of hours viewed for each title, the premiere date of TV series and films, and whether a title was available globally. The report covers more than 18,000 titles, representing 99% of all viewing on Netflix, and nearly 100 billion hours viewed. Over 60% of Netflix titles released between January and June 2023 appeared on the weekly Top 10 lists. The report highlights the strength of returning favorites, the popularity of new series, the audience size for films across genres, the demand for non-English stories, the staying power of titles beyond their premieres, and the value of older, licensed titles. Netflix emphasizes that success on their platform is not solely determined by hours viewed and encourages the use of their weekly Top 10 and Most Popular lists for comparisons. The company believes that this report, along with their existing lists, will provide deeper insights into their audiences and what resonates with them.

This announcement is important to both filmmakers and viewers for several reasons.

For filmmakers, the publication of the “What We Watched” report provides valuable insights into viewer habits and preferences. By understanding what content resonates with audiences and generates high viewership, filmmakers can make more informed decisions about the types of stories they create and the strategies they employ. This information can help them gauge the success of their projects and make adjustments to future productions. Additionally, the report highlights the demand for non-English stories, indicating opportunities for filmmakers to explore diverse narratives and reach a global audience.

For viewers, the report offers transparency and a deeper understanding of the content available on Netflix. It allows viewers to see the popularity and trends of different titles, including both returning favorites and new series. This information can help viewers discover new shows and films that align with their interests and preferences. Furthermore, the report emphasizes that success on Netflix is not solely determined by hours viewed, but rather by how well a movie or TV show captivates its audience. This reassures viewers that their viewing choices and preferences are valued by the platform.

Overall, the publication of this report provides valuable insights for filmmakers to create content that resonates with audiences and for viewers to discover engaging and popular titles on Netflix. It promotes transparency and a better understanding of viewer habits, benefiting both the creators and consumers of content.