OPENING NIGHT June 2, 2022 6:00pm

  • ZODIAK  
  • Director: REMI NOIR 
  • United States, 2022, 10min 
  • Category: Short- Drama


A man trapped in a virtual reality game has to fight his subconscious as well as the other deadly traps that the game prepared for him.


Everett is an edgy Writer/Director who tends to push the social hegemony. His goal is to bring back originality, as well as truth in main stream media.  Born a Navy brat, Everett was born and raised in the Philippines until the age of 4. His parents then moved to Southern California. After his parents divorced when Everett was 7 years old, he bounced around from city to city as his single mother did her best to raise him. Everett played sports, with his main sport being football, all the way through college as he obtain a his BA from Azusa Pacific University in Cinema Arts Screenwriting. This helped Everett into becoming the writer he is today. Constantly moving and playing sports meant Everett had to become a social chameleon. You can see this in his writing. Everett can tell the story of almost any ethnicity, social class and mindset.

Cast:      Austin Uku, Darrin Giossi, Giovanni Savoia, Joe Kelly, Laurent Andruet

Crew:     Executive Producer: Everett Mason, Screenwriters: Everett Mason, Editor: Everette Mason, Cinematographer/DP: Carlos Soloranzo, Cinematographer/DP: Christopher Geroge, Colorist: Jordan Schulz, Original Music/Composer: Rodve Lewis, Sound Mixer: Colin Yarck, Boom Operator: Hayet Gessese


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