June 2, 2023 7:00pm


  • The Last Bomb
  • Director: George “SEN-1” Morillo
  • New York Premiere
  • USA, 2021, 60min
  • Category: Documentary


“The Last Bomb”
This documentary provides an insight into early NYC Hip Hop Graffiti culture. This is the untold story of a childhood group of friends from Manhattan, who inherited the infamous ‘IBM’ crew (Incredible Bombing Masters) and dominated the Number 1 subway line between 1982 – 1987 and changed the world’s relationship with graffiti forever. Active during New York Mayor Koch’s war on graffiti, the pre-Crack Cocaine era, and the devastating 80s drug epidemic, this documentary reveals how this group of young writers led graffiti subway train sub-culture with their style, determination and pioneering techniques.

George “SEN-1” Morillo


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