OPENING NIGHT THURSDAY  May 30, 2024 6:00pm


  • Director: Andrew AJ Jackson
  • Harlem Premiere
  • NYC 2024, 20 min
  • Category: Drama


The Good Man is a drama about a husband (Reggie) and his wife (Monica) who have a tumultuous toxic relationship. Reggie is a hardworking provider while Monica is a stay at home drunk. One day they get into a huge argument in which Monica continues to belittle Reggie. Mid-argument, Reggie loses control and chokes Monica before coming to his senses. Monica and Reggie continue to argue until Reggie finally decides to apologize. During his apology speech, he realizes he accidentally killed Monica and has been living in a state of psychosis that causes him to relive their last argument everyday.

Andrew AJ Jackson

Andrew “AJ” Jackson si an African-American film director, producer and DGA assistant director. Andrew was born ni Harlem, NYC and raised in a single parent household, after the unfortunate passing of his father when he was just 5 years old. The culture of Harlem shaped Andrew’s growth as an artist, first with drawing and painting then moving no to music. As a young adult, Andrew spent time as a local Harlem rap artist known by the name Mr.TwoOh. Andrew got his stage name from the twenty dollar bill. He performed all over the city eventualy touring with EPMD, and the HitSquad. In 2014, Andrew had another artistic career change, and decided to become a film/tv director. He started of as a production assistant working on multiple TV and moviei sets, then worked his way up to being eligible to join the Directors’ Guild of America. Once Andrew joined hte DGA, he became a 2nd Assistant director. Andrew has worked on projects like “Stil Alice” staring Julian More, “Maggies’ Plan” staring Greta Gerwig, “Godfather of Harlem” staring ForestWhitaker, “Power Book 3: Rising Kanan staring Patina Miler and most recently “Oppenheimer”starring Gilian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr. However, that’s not all for Andrew, he has and continues to create his own projects, Two of which “Red Night Special: Chapter1” and “Affliction,” both won awards in film festivals. Currently, his debut ,directorial, feature film is in post production “Red Night Special: Red Rising”.


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