June 2, 2023 8:30pm


  • Slightly New
  • Director: Nigel O Gabbidon, Devin S Jones
  • New York Premiere
  • USA, 2023, 95min
  • Category: Feaure


Stuck in a dead-end sales job at a shady dealership, Brandon and Leo were always destined for mediocrity. But when their boss gets arrested and things take a turn for the better (or the worse?) at work, the duo have a chance to finally step up and make something of themselves.

Between keeping the IRS off their backs and a rival dealership off their case, dealing with the women, weed, and occasional 2 hour employee lunch break seems like light work. The road back to respectability is a long, bumpy test drive.

Nigel O Gabbidon, Devin S Jones


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