FRIDAY  May 31, 2024 5:00pm


  • Director: Miranda Rose Fayne, Arielle Duran, Cornelia Silsbee
  • New York Premiere
  • USA , 2023,  30 min
  • Category: Drama / Comedy


When two twenty-somethings-scorned realize they’ve been ghosted by the same fuckboy, they set off on a 24-hour man-hunt through New York with a deadly goal.

Miranda Rose Fayne, Arielle Duran, Cornelia Silsbee

Miranda Fayne is an NYC-born and based writer, comedian, and musician. She spent her time at Emerson College working on Breaking News, Emerson’s live-to-tape satirical news show, first hosting, and later head writing and segment producing. In her last semester, she interned at Sky Dance Media’s Television Development Department in Los Angeles. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Theatre Studies and a minor in the Comedic Arts, she moved to New York and performed with sketch group The Professional Background Extras in a residency at the People’s Improv Theater. During the pandemic, she joined the board of Gold Comedy, and helped launch their premiere online platform for women and non-binary people in comedy — she now writes Gold’s weekly newsletter, Tight Five, and produces monthly videos with Gold digital sketch team Bingo Night. She is also a scriptwriter for Ascend Now, a personalized education platform creating funny and informative episodes to help teens learn life skills. Her original comedy pilot Pepper and Mickey wrapped in November of 2022 and is in post-production.

Arielle Duran is a SAG actor from New York. She is pursuing a Master’s degree in Screenwriting at the Feirstein Cinema Graduate Program. Her passion for storytelling began with theater and eventually evolved during her studies in Television Production at her university. She has a comedic voice and is now writing her own stories that mainly represent the Latin community in New York. You can catch Arielle in Peacock’s television series, ‘The Calling’.

Cornelia Silsbee is an NYC-based actor, producer, and musician. After graduating from SUNY Purchase’s theatre program, they composed and produced an original opera adaptation about the Greek mythological figure Electra. In 2022, Cornelia’s band Orlando released their debut EP Sweet Androgyny, and currently headline in monthly shows around NYC as a part of the Queerchella Music Festival series.


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