• Director: Andreas Waldenmaier
  • WORLD Premiere
  • GERMANY 2023, 13 min
  • Category: 360VR


Nirwana.Gold is a multi-sensory virtual reality trilogy that offers the viewer three different spiritual experiences. An individual film, soundtrack, perfume and ice cream flavour was created for each VR experience.

Chapter I: Shanti – The viewer enters the atrium of a temple and is immediately drawn into a multi-sensory,meditative experience which culminates in a feeling of complete loss of consciousness.

Chapter II: Samsara – The viewer is invited to experience birth followed by an immersive and emotional journey of the soul, travelling through the most important phases of life up until death.

Chapter III: Zen – Alternating between the perspective of deadly predator or fearful prey, the viewer experience show all elements of nature are harmoniously interconnected.For the presentation of the trilogy at a festival, the three individual chapters were cut together to simplify and speed up the screening.Therefore, the ice cream of the first chapter will introduce the trilogy and its fragrance will lead into the experience.

Andreas Waldenmaier

Andreas Waldenmaier, born 1969 in Ludwigsburg, is the founder and managing owner ofkontrastmoment. kontrastmoment is an interdisciplinary and multicultural design office fordigital experience design in Munich.

The focus of its work is on the development, conception,design and implementation of complex human-machine interfaces. Andreas sees kontrastmoment as a mediator between a human and a technical world. He and his designers are cross-border commuters in the areas of computer science, technology, usability, communication, art, culture and psychology. Storytelling is his key approach to every project: ”Pure facts do not inspire –good stories always do.“In 1993, he studied fine arts at the Free Art School Stuttgart and continued his studies in 1994with a focus on visual design at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, graduating in 1998 with adiploma in design.

He worked in offices in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Munich and London until he was employed by design:thesis in 1998, where he became managing director in 2000. From 1999, he taught interface design at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart for three years.In 2002, he founded kontrastmoment in Munich.

Since 2003, his company has supported all development phases of the interior OS iDrive for BMW, BMWi, BMW M, Rolls-Royce and MINI for all markets and languages worldwide. In particular, the high-quality series development of all graphic elements for iDrive made kontrastmoment a strategic development partner of BMW


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