June 3, 2022 9:30pm MAYSLES CINEMA

  • Director: Jay Horn
  • United States, 2021, 1h 17min
  • Category: Webseries-Urban Action/Drama/Comedy


Makaila and Brandon are a couple that has decided they are going to move in together after dating for some time. But Makaila has some baggage that needs to come with her, Arnold her brother who was recently kicked off the couch by his mother and now needs somewhere to stay. Moving into a new place together brought them to a building full of beautiful women which enticed Brandon to play a little on the side, not knowing that playing the game might cost you your life.


Jay Horn is a self taught, self efficient, independent filmmaker. He is responsible for over 400 personal projects from concept to completion and over 20 projects that he directed and co directed for other filmmakers.

      • Jason Horn
        Key Cast
      • Cortney Ketchum
        Key Cast
      • Nate Jackson
        Key Cast
      • Ebonique Woods
        Key Cast
      • Tony Jones
        Key Cast
      • Conrad Hilton
        Key Cast
      • Cipriano Pinkney
        Key Cast
      • Kali Scott
        Key Cast
      • Charlene Woodard
        Key Cast
      • Winner Watts
        Key Cast
      • Stephan
        Key Cast
      • Waters
        Key Cast


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