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PANIC     Adjua Mantebea • USA • 2018 • Drama

PANIC, is a fictional story of true events oftentimes untold by the victim. A 17 year old, (Angel) is sexually assaulted by her childhood best friend (Jared). Her father (Mr. Richards) notices her behavior is distant and solemn lately and out of parental concern, asked her to tell him what’s wrong. Angel recoils at the thought of discussing it with her father or anyone. But Mr. Richards will not back down. He threatens to send her to her mother (whom he is separated with at the time) and coerces her into telling him what is going on with her. As painful as it is for Angel, she breaks down and tells her father the story.

Adjua Mantebea

“Adjua Mantebea is a Producer/Director, photographer, documentarian, musician and engineer. Bringing together lifelong experiences and interests between the artistic and technical has enabled Ms. Mantebea to meticulously assess and create a multimedia art form for stage and television”. As a documentarian and photojournalist, she has traveled Europe, the continent of Africa and Central America chronicling history and culture, the Parallels. Her interest lies in telling compelling stories of true events, deeply imbued in history and daunting cinematography. Producer/Director – “Inside View” Where extraordinary minds coexist (Art History Makers) Time Warner. Photographer/Interviewer – Alex Young Video release – “Government Name” – Anaka Records and “The Last Listening Party of Christopher Wallace aka Notorious B.I.G.” – Book Release – Life After Death. Founder of A Delight Production Media Consulting, Development & Management. Currently working on documentaries of two extraordinary women in history. Ms. Mantebea has produced short films: “Steps to Nowhere”, “Chapter 15” (post-production), “Requited” (pre-production) and “Panic” (completed) and is currently working on a 1950s film feature.