FRIDAY AUGUST 23, 2020 @ 6PM

GRAVITY VR Fabio Rychter, Amir Admoni • BRAZIL • 2019 • VR • 14 minutes

Gravity VR takes place in a surreal world with no ground, everything that exists is forever falling. Houses,
clothes, cars, ruins of a civilization. Everything just falls. And the player too. But even though all things
are falling at full speed, the general feeling is peaceful. In this world without walls, horizon, up and down
orientation, it is impossible to perceive movement. There is no vertigo or fear. The impression is that you
are floating in zero gravity.

At this place you meet Osorio and Benedito, two old brothers living in a surprising normality. As they have been born and raised in this infinite fall, they´ve never been able to feel it. There ́s no adrenaline in their lives, just a lonely and slow routine.

Things start changing when Osorio finds a mysterious dot below them that grows bigger every day

TV writer for over 15 years, has over 40 written sitcom episodes, 7 years of
experience writing skits, as well as shorts and plays.
He has partnered with Amir Admoni on the award-winning short films Linear
and Gravity and the Mario, a Marionete series.
In 2016 started DeliriumXR, a VR production company in Lima, Peru.

Brazilian multi-media visual artist Amir Admoni was born in São Paulo in 1977.
His works combine animation, video and design.
His animated short movie Linear won 80 awards and was screened in over 140
festivals. Gravity VR is his first work with virtual reality.